Update as at October 20, 2019

Hello Everyone Its been almost a week since we have sent an update and this one is the light at the end of the tunnel and good news for all Services we offer. There has been big break through and Providers are now deploying their own Platform / Panel and things will finally be able to progress better. PLEASE READ TO THE END. IMPORTANT ... Read More »

21st Oct 2019
Updates as at October 13, 2019

Hello EveryoneStarting with the good newsMessage from PRIME ADMIN "After Monday we will be shutting down the old platform completely while we ready servers for new platform completely Tuesday and Wednesday.... things may be rocky on new platform Tuesday and Wednesday while we migrate....and not all content will be available right away it will ... Read More »

14th Oct 2019
Updates as at October 7, 2019

Hello Everyone This time i will start with a FAQ and expectations on what is happening so as to minimize the amount of tickets we get on a daily basis. No need to go over what happened with Xtream Codes as we have been sending out emails regarding this for the past three weeks or more. Before opening tickets and If at anytime your service is ... Read More »

7th Oct 2019
Logic Maintenance


See message below


3rd Oct 2019
XC Codes Update thread

Lastest Update will be at the top UPDATE 8 Hi again everyone So i'm gonna start by saying thank you to all those supportive and understanding customers. We know this is a trying time which will only make the industry stronger.  Ok so with the updates. I will try not to clutter and get to it but first let me say that we are STILL UNABLE TO ... Read More »

27th Sep 2019

All Fixed Mac / Stalker Based devices such as Dreamlink / Mags / Avov / Buzz Tv / Formuler / Smart STB APP / STB EMU Etc  Portal Remains the same as http://btvhost.xyz/c or http://epic.hostboss.xyz/c Reload Portal or Reboot device Still not working then let us know Host Boss App  Log out and then log back in Still dont work then ... Read More »

28th Aug 2019
Epicstream Outage - 27/08/2019


As at 27/08/2019 8:44 EST Epicstream is aware of the outage preventing some customers from being able to view

They are looking into it and will have it fixed soon

28th Aug 2019
Epicstream Outage

Hi EveryoneEpicstream has changed URL / DNS which resulted in an outage.  This has now been resolved and all my customers should be up and running again. If you are still not up and running then follow the instructions below; If using the HOST BOSS APP then all you need to do is restart the app or log out and then log back in All other apps ... Read More »

15th Aug 2019
FIXED - Server Outage

Hi, Epicstream was experiencing issues which resulted in a brief outage but things are now coming back online. PLEASE TRY AGAIN NOW Please note that its not fully back 100% to back to where it was but should be as the servers starts to get back online and stabilize. Apologies for the inconvenience this outage may have caused. Your patience ... Read More »

16th Mar 2019
Server Outage

Epicstream is experiencing issues as a result of XC Panel servers which is affecting other providers as well. They are currently working to have it resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience this outage may have caused. Your patience is appreciated while this gets resolved as soon as possible Please join the facebook Group (link in activation ... Read More »

16th Mar 2019