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Starting with the good news

Message from PRIME ADMIN

"After Monday we will be shutting down the old platform completely while we ready servers for new platform completely Tuesday and Wednesday.... things may be rocky on new platform Tuesday and Wednesday while we migrate....and not all content will be available right away it will take couple weeks to get everything added....we have made this as easy as possible but at same time its gonna be a process.... there will be guides and links put up Monday to help everyone"

So in summary, Prime will start doing their migration On Monday and Service will be completely down between Monday and Wednesday. If all goes well, we can start accepting new orders and renewals by Weekend. 

PRIME CUSTOMERS ONLY - If you want to test out the

New app you can download from - http://apks.tv/primeplayer.apk   
Service ID is - 525

Download link for the new app is also in the FILELINKED Store. Filelinked code is in activation email

M3u USERS only for the time being. Same USERNAME and PASSWORD to login. We will have more information on Stalker based / Mac users shortly

After the migration, you will have 5 connections but i am guessing that there will be some change in subscription pricing but no need to worry about that yet


GE has migrated to a new platform and is slowly adding back streams. We will start resend Activation EMAILS with NEW URLS and Details starting tomorrow. Username and passwords remain the same but if you are using SMART IPTV then you will need the new URLS. Other apps are working

If you have a MAC Subscription and its not working then please open a ticket and we will have it sorted

GE Is not out of the woods yet as they are contemplating moving again but if things get better then they wont have to.


There is not much to report for logic. EPG is an issue and sometimes buffering but they are up and running as best as possible. Some of the international streams were re-added



Epicstream is still using streaminy which most other providers are using. Things have progressed. Streams are being stabilized

Mags / Macs unable to connect sometimes - team is aware and working on fix

Network error and unable to login - Please try VPN or different app

EPG is being rolled out slowly

Channels will be fixed starting this week and more will be added

The UK outage is as a result of testing and improvements

The VPN issue is also as a result of testing and is fixed. If you are unable to access using VPN then no need to report


The reason why we are out of stock and not accepting any orders or renewal is because even though the services are working, there are still not working OPTIMAL and are still missing some features and some channels.

Presently on EPICSTREAM

  • VOD is still not working yet, 
  • EPG is coming back slowly, 
  • Some Categories and channels missing. 
  • There might be some buffering and channels may go down but will be fixed

Presently on LOGIC

  • Still running but with some International Categories  and streams Down
  • EPG is a big issue causing server instability
  • Some buffering from time to time

If you are still willing to purchase knowing the current short comings then we now offer

  • EPICSTREAM at a temporary rate of $10 per month
  • and LOGIC at $12.
  • PRIME SUBS - Hopefully weekend
  • GE SERVER - When the server stabilizes some more. Hopefully by next week

TO ORDER OR RENEW, OPEN TICKET STATING WHICH ONE YOU WANT and that you agree and understand the terms.


Please note however, that no compensation will be given or refund if the service is not optimal. 

Again, thank you for understanding and offering kinds words of support


Monday, October 14, 2019

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