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Its been almost a week since we have sent an update and this one is the light at the end of the tunnel and good news for all Services we offer. There has been big break through and Providers are now deploying their own Platform / Panel and things will finally be able to progress better.



As mentioned in previous updates, the initial platform that Epic moved to has not been a success. It cannot sustain the service so Epic has been developing their own platform

They plan to make the switch to their platform at 12am EST Tonight which is Monday 12am. Downtime will be 12 hours in order to update the DNS and implement the necessary protection.

All subscriptions that have been migrated to this new platform have expiry dates from the time that XC shutdown on SEPTEMBER 18. However, Epic is extending everyone's subscription. For how long? At the time we are writing this notice, we do not know that but Epic out of any provider has always gone the extra mile to make their end users happy. Extensions will be implemented on Monday or a bit later.

We understand your frustration and believe us we have had our fair share of it from our end as well but this move is MANDATORY.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding through this ordeal.

Expectations and limitations from this switch over

  • There will be some instability at first but all will be fixed. Priority #1 will be fixing and stabling of streams. All will come after
  • All devices and apps should work as they were before the change.
  • As said above, the system will be restored to September 18th which means if you have renewed or ordered an Epicstream subs after that, it will stop working but dont worry. We will re-add them manually as this is the only course of action. If you are one of those customers and your sub is not re-done by Wednesday then you can open a ticket or contact support and we will have it sorted
  • ALL or most of the categories will return but some streams will not be working but will be fixed over the coming days
  • VOD and Series will not be working yet
  • Catchup will be implemented soon
  • EPG will be fixed or restored to what it was before

If all goes as planned, Epicstream will be available for Purchase and Renewal between October 22-23

Prime Server

The last update about Prime was kinda confusing so i will simplify. Prime is in the process of migrating to a new platform. The platform is already up and running and many customers are already using the app but some are still unaware of what is happening.

At the time of the outage, there was not many options for Prime as a Provider so they resorted to this platform and quite frankly, might very well be the first of its kind and will come with its fair share of issues.

At current, the major one is getting used to the app but stability and streams are still top notch and stable as before and maybe even better. Prime is the only provider who was up during this entire ordeal with less than two hours of downtime

With this new platform;

  • All customers will have 5 connections by default. There may also be a price increase but more details to follow
  • Only the dedicated Android and webplayer can be used
  • There will no longer be M3u Support meaning no M3u and EPG URL as of now which means that apps such as Host Boss App, Iptv Smarters, Kodi, Smart IPTV, XCIPTV, Perfect Player, GSE IPTV APP, etc will not work when the switch / cross over is made
  • No support for Stalker / Mac base devices such as Mags, Avov, Dreamlinks, Formuler, Buzz, STB EMU, SMART STB etc

How to access new App on Android Based Devices and Firesticks

  • Download and install from http://apks.tv/primeplayer.apk
  • Service ID if necessary is 525
  • Enter username and password and login
  • You can also download app from Filelinked  with Code - 78138187. Installation instructions are in activation email

Web player

  • Service ID if necessary is 525
  • Enter username and password and login

Other apps to come. There is no ETA but they are working to get them done

  • Roku App being worked ON
  • Samsung and LG Tv APP being worked on
  • M3u and Mag Portal Access (No ETA)

We will send out an update when the final switch over will be made. If your prime sub was active during the XC Outage then its still active and you can still use old APP even if your sub expired.

Old App will stop working after the change over.

Prime will be available for purchase when the switch over is made at a later date


GE has also migrated to their own version of XC and is working pretty well but there is one major issue. When the migration was being completed, MAG / Macs were corrupted, hence Mag lines stopped working.


  • ALL M3u Lines should be working with OLD LINKS in activation email
  • ALL M3u Apps are also working
  • If you had STB EMU, Smart STB, Mags, Dreamlinks, Formuler, Buzz etc, your mac address was corrupted and will have to re-added before it will work. If you are one of these customers then please open ticket with your device name and Mac address
  • Most if not all streams are back online. International streams will follow. NO ETA
  • Catchup will follow

GE Will be available for Purchase and renewal on October 22-23, 2019 if there are no further changes


Logic has been running well for the most part with minor buffering due to Server and hardware failure. EPG has also been a hit and miss but they are getting things sorted. Nothing more to update

LOGIC Will be available for Purchase and renewal on October 22-23, 2019 if there are no further changes

Tickets and Facebook

  • If you have submitted a ticket and reply took over 24hrs then understand that we have been overburdened by this which is why it took so long.
  • On facebook, please read. If i ignored a comment, its because the question was already asked and answered
  • I do not respond to Direct Messages on Facebook. It would be too much..

Non Customer or Previous Host Boss customers

You will receive this email if you are a customer of Host Boss or was a customer of ours at some point in time or simply signed up to take trial or otherwise. You can unsubscribe below if you do not want any further updates.

I understand that many customers seems to think that we are the main provider of Epicstream. WE ARE NOT. We are a reseller just like the others, which means that, we can administrate your account if you are not a current customer of ours. Meaning that if you subscription is not active or recently expired we cannot check on it or renew or re-add.

If your subscription is not working then you need to check with your reseller for them to have it sorted. We will also welcome you if you decide to order from us but again, we cannot extend a sub that was ordered from someone else.

We can however, offer updates on what is happening and provide general support. Our current customers takes precedence.


Our website will be offline until October 22 or 23 while we try to get these accounts re-added and everything up and running.

This means

  • We will not be able to activate, or renew orders
  • tickets will not be attended to during this time
  • We do this to reduce downtime and for things to settle in
  • Please refrain from opening tickets and reporting issues during this time as they are to be expected. You can however, do so after the website is re-opened

Updates can be found 


Monday, October 21, 2019

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